Diecast promos

 Thanks for taking a look at our new website. After designing a number of diecast projects for our events, we found it more challenging to meet the required minimums from the manufacturers. High costs, long production and delivery times presented added challenges.

We have overcome these challenges which will allow your show and everyone's event to enjoy the many benefits you get from having a custom diecast vehicle, complete with personalized packaging and message! We can do this for you at an affordable price with a fraction of the quanitites and time needed.

We also do limited edition custom framed diecast presentations for those special sponsors or attendees and added sales.

 We offer a high quality product with plenty of profit potential and huge return customer opportunities.

We were very honored to be the official diecast car provider at this years Cruisin for a Cure. Thanks Debbie.

Please give us a call so we can help you in producing your official diecast car.

 Let Diecast Promos make this happen at a very affordable price in just a few simple steps...

     Choose your style.

     Select your quantity of Diecast.

     Your artwork or we can help.

     Put it together and review.


Your " little car with a BIG MESSAGE "

will be shared with everyone.